Welcome to the Pleitez for Congress Blog!

On here, I will be writing about the campaign as I run to represent California’s 32nd district in the U.S House of Representatives. I’ll keep you up-to-date about our campaign events, and the people I meet, and about the issues affecting the residents of East Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley.

During these times of unprecedented crisis, it’s essential that the people of the East Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley have the someone who is prepared to deal with the important economic issues facing our country. I strongly believe that with my professional expertise and my roots in the community leave me especially qualified to represent the district in these challenging times. We need a clean break from the politics of old, and over the coming weeks I hope to gain your support as I embark to bring change to the district and to Washington.


3 Responses

  1. Emanuel- Great website!!!! We liked all the bells and whistles. Best wishes for a successful campaign.

  2. Emanuel,

    Congratulations!! It definitely takes courage and leadership to jump in and cause change as you are doing! Cesar Garcia from MLT mentioned you were running and thought, let me check this out!

    I’m not running for a National seat, yet locally for South Gate City Treasurer…vamos a ver! Suerte con todo y Felicidades de nuevo! Un placer de vernos en Stanford la ultima vez…Blessings!

  3. Emanuel,
    What more can i say CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are one step closer in achieving your dream. I am doing fine in my six week in Berkeley. Hope you the best of luck.


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