Our new video

We have a new campaign video about the Campaign Canvass Kick-off.

It was created by one of our volunteers, Jose Choto, a Freshman at USC Film School.

Congratulations Hilda Solis!

Congratulations to Rep. Hilda Solis who was confirmed as our new Labor Secretary. At last, we have an advocate for working-class families in the Department of Labor.

New Way and the Old Way

Come Out and Canvass this Saturday for Emanuel!

Help Emanuel Pleitez become the youngest Representative in Congress this weekend! We will be having our first canvass kick-off this Saturday at Pleitez for Congress Campaign Headquarters.

Come hear Emanuel speak before going out into the community to talk with voters about the issues that matter to them, and how Emanuel will move East Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley forward. Volunteers will be provided lunch.

Pleitez For Congress Headquarters
4507 Valley Blvd, Suite 203
Los Angeles, California 90032

Saturday, February 21st at 1:30PM.

Valentine’s Day in El Monte

I spent Valentine’s Day in El Monte with Seniors and healthcare workers. I got a chance to talk with voters and discuss the issues that are important to them. 

Here are some photos:








Valentines, handmade by my fiancée and myself.

DKOS: California and the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund

Over at Daily Kos, I’ve posted my thoughts about the stimulus package and the California budget crisis. Feel free to comment over on it.

Campaign HQ Grand Opening!

Today we’ve reached an important milestone: we’re opening our campaign headquarters! Our volunteers worked late into the night to get our office ready for the big day. Everyone here at Pleitez for Congress is extremely excited to have gotten to this point.

Over 70 dedicated supporters and volunteers packed into the office to hear Emanuel speak. Emanuel thanked them, and spoke about how growing up in East Los Angeles, with only the support of his mother, shaped who he is now and instilled in him a commitment to public service. He discussed what he wants to do to help the people of East Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley, including how he wants to bring jobs back to the district, and how he wants to reduce the high school drop-out rate in the community to ensure that every child gets the education they deserve. 

Afterward, Field Director Diana Sorio and Deputy Finance Director George Bahamondes started our “Dialing for Dollars” fundraising event, and showed how anyone can be a grassroot fundraisers with only their cellphone and their address book. Carmen Sandoval volunteered to make the first call.  She has known Emanuel since he was in fifth grade, and when she heard that he was running for Congress, she became one of the campaign’s first volunteers.  It only took her one fundraising call to recruit her first new donor!

Thanks to their wonderful efforts, today we will be able to start the hard work of bringing change to California’s 32nd district!  

–Jeremy Cohen, Deputy Communications Director

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