From my friend Norma Vega: Tom Saenz snubbed

You should all be aware of the following. We should not stay quiet about the issues we believe in most passionately. I am confident in Tom Saenz’s capacity and devotion to continue fighting for the protection of people’s civil and constitutional rights. However, I’m saddened he will not have the post of Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division.

The following is an e-mail from my friend Norma Vega:


I have received lots of emails and calls asking for next steps and how to make some noise about this. Those of use who mobilized, fundraised, and worked hard to turn out Latinos for Obama in CA and battleground states feel that it’s important to voice our concerns about 1) the disrespect to one of our leaders with an impeccable record and 2) the lack of transparency about the process and the Administration’s TRUE position on immigration and immigrant’s rights.

We feel betrayed! We thought that our President knew that immigrantion issues are important to our community. What happened? We know President Obama will be here in LA this week but not sure where he will be. We need to make a presence and let him know we are not happy. STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFO ON HIS TRIP TO LA!!!

Spread the word…we need to send a message to President Obama ASAP

Voice your concerns to our President 202-456-1111 or or any of his social network sites

Voice your concerns to Alma Marquez (Latinos for Obama campaign)

We can’t be silent and forgotten. We can’t be taken for granted.

Things to consider:
— If the White House is not willing to take on extremist anti-immigrant forces in a confirmation hearing for an impeccable candidate, that doesn’t augur well for the administration’s willingness to take on immigration reform, in particular the process of bringing millions in from the shadows.

— Any Latino civil rights attorney with true credibility and experience will have dealt with the tough issue of immigration and immigrants rights. Appointment of another Latino will not erase the fact that the Administration refused to stand behind an extremely well regarded and recognized civil rights lawyer and expert because his representation of immigrant clients was the subject of extremists attacks.

— To believe that Tom Saenz’s and MALDEF’s cases that challenged Proposition 187 and restriction on the right to solicit work are fringe and controversial, is to ignore that these cases were constitutional cases about the separation of powers and the first amendment. Above all, Tom Saenz is a first class constitutional lawyer. His only sin and that of MALDEF was to insist that the Constitution is our fundamental document that guarantees freedom and equality.

— The handling of Tom Saenz’s appointment is disrespectful and sloppy. Everything that the White House knows about him they knew at the time that they first approached him about the nomination. This is not about some undiscovered tax issues that surfaced, it is about his cases and vigorous defense of the constitution as it applies to immigrants.


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