Volunteer Story: J.C.

J.C. wins the award for traveling the farthest for the campaign – all the way from Santiago, Chile!

I had been living in Santiago, Chile, for nine months when I learned about Emanuel’s campaign for Congress. I was working as a receptionist at the Marriott Hotel, learning about Chilean people and culture while perfecting my Spanish. I would occasionally make visits to an Internet cafe to catch up on the news, and one day I came across a website that would change my life.

J.C. is reaching out to voters in West Covina.

J.C. is reaching out to voters in West Covina.

I stumbled upon the popular Democratic contribution website, Act Blue. The top fundraiser that moment was a candidate for Congress from East LA with an interesting last name and an amazing resume. After discovering there was an upcoming fundraiser at a trendy Hollywood club, I dispatched my dad to scope out this intriguing campaign.

I’ll never really know what happened that night at the HWood club fundraiser, but my dad became a true believer of the Pleitez gospel. He called me up the next dad, and said, “Get back here as soon as you can! This campaign and your candidate are legit!”

I guess you can say I never had a choice in the matter, because when my dad picked me up at the airport, he took me directly to Emanuel’s campaign office. When I finally met Emanuel in person, I was truly inspired and decided then and there to drop everything and volunteer full-time. I was immediately confident that Emanuel was the best candidate in this the race because of his deep desire to serve his community and because he’s not a politician but a public servant.

Now, I’m canvassing West Covina, telling them all about Emanuel, asking them to volunteer for the campaign, and making sure they come out and vote in the special election on May 19. I am also the point person on outreach to and volunteer recruitment for community colleges in the district.


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