Volunteer Story: Marjorie

img_4762Meet Marjorie, who postponed college graduation to get a different kind of education as a campaign Field Director.

A few years ago I was looking for a job, and I found myself on a tight deadline to turn in my resume to a potential employer – but I didn’t have time to get feedback from the career services office at school. So I contacted Emanuel, whom I had met while we were both students at Stanford. He was working over 100 hours a week at the time, but he still took time out of his schedule to help me out. He was extremely gracious about it and gave me great constructive feedback.

When I learned Emanuel was running for Congress, I knew right away that I wanted to work with him, so I came in to volunteer during Spring Break. I was so inspired by Emanuel’s commitment to the district and the people here that one week of phone banking turned into a full-time job through the end of the campaign. I had so much fun working with the staff that I decided to take the rest of the quarter off and accept a position as one of two Field Directors.

I’ve always felt that I identified with Emanuel because he and I share very similar backgrounds: We’re both children of single mothers, lived in people’s garages growing up, and had to struggle to access educational and social support systems. When I heard he was running for Congress, I knew right away why he was doing it. He doesn’t want other kids to have to go through what we went through, and he also wants to make sure they have easy access to opportunities like tutoring and financial aid.

As a Field Director, I help all our canvassers get out into neighborhoods to talk to voters and organize all our volunteers to make phone calls to spread the word about Emanuel. Talking to voters is the most important part of our campaign, and it’s exciting for me to help make it all happen.


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