Community support for Emanuel grows …

Former CD-14 City Council candidate and former Wilson High School teacher Zeke Quezada posted on the San Gabriel Valley Tribune political blog about the attempts of Gil Cedillo to attack Emanuel’s good name and background.

“I can only imagine that Cedillo is concerned with the fact that a prominent, intelligent and highly respected young professional is mobilizing the people in his community. Pleitez is an example of the talent that is hidden in our neighborhoods, in our inner city schools and in our culture. Don’t knock him, support him. The problem with Cedillo is that he is out of touch and does not understand that a new generation of leaders are emerging. Tell me my kid is going to attend Stanford, tell me my kid is going to work at Goldman, Sachs and then tell me my son will work with an incoming President of the United States. As a father of two young boys, I can only hope for that. That is success, that is the definition of a proper role model for the community. Sit down old man, you are the definition of a politician and the community needs leaders.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

-The Pleitez Team


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