YDA President Crystal Strait: “Will You Step Up”


This weekend, over a thousand Young Democrats came to the 2009 YDA convention in Chicago and I am honored to have been elected your new Young Democrats of America President.

During the campaign I made a 24 point pledge to get YDA working again by bringing new members into your local chapters, helping us fight for President Obama’s agenda, continuing to turn out young voters that created Democratic margins in the House and the Senate, and of course making sure you have the tools needed to make an impact in your community.

But I can’t do this alone. In fact, despite the enormous talent of our newly elected leaders, I know we need more help: we need your help. Can you step up and get YDA working?

There are 3 things you can do to step up and help YDA:

1. Contribute $10, $25, $100 right now. We need to expand our programming to help every state increase our issue advocacy and prepare for 2010. Your officers and I need to raise money everyday to keep your programming.
Help us by making a small donation.

2. Apply for a Presidential Appointment. YDA is a member led and driven organization. We need more people at the table making YDA work. These leaders will help us determine where to invest resources for our 2010 campaigns, plan and execute our conferences, and help with internal operations.
View the application here and submit by August 25, 2009.

3. Go to your next local chapter meeting. President Obama’s victory is still new and inspiring, but we need to get back into the community and fight for the President’s agenda. We can’t wait. Republicans are continuing to practice the politics of fear to hold back President Obama’s health care plan and create confusion.
Go to your local chapter and find out how you can help.

I am excited to continue the hard work of YDA President David Hardt and the 2007-2009 and am grateful for his support and friendship. I can’t wait to get to know you as we work together in the coming years.


Crystal Strait
Young Democrats of America

P.S. Make sure you forward this email to friends and colleagues that should apply for a Presidential Appointment.


Paid for by the Young Democrats of America
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
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