Anthony Woods Campaign (yesterday): 11 Days Left – Another Major Endorsement

Anthony Woods for Congress

11 Days Left – Another Major Endorsement

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Dear Friends,

Fantastic news! Yesterday we received an enthusiastic endorsement – our second from a northern California newspaper – from the Bay Area Reporter. Here’s an excerpt from the editorial:

“The 10th Congressional District has a history of supporting candidates who stand for equal rights. Voters there have a chance to prove themselves with action next month. We urge them to vote for Anthony Woods for Congress.”

Help keep the momentum going – make a contribution right now.

The Bay Area Reporter has joined the Veterans Press, the Human Rights Campaign,, hundreds of volunteers, and nearly 10,000 Facebook, Twitter, and ActBlue supporters of our people powered campaign.

With the election just 11 days away, we must continue to accelerate our efforts. Every phone call, every door knocked, and every contribution helps us reach the undecided voters who will ultimately decide this election.

Contribute now to help fund our communication and grassroots efforts for the stretch run.

Join our grassroots volunteer army!

There’s something special happening on the ground in this campaign. People of every background are coming together for new leadership, real world experience on the economic and security challenges we face, and responsive solutions from Washington. Thousands of voters remain undecided in this race, and it is critical that they hear from our campaign in these final 11 days. Please stand with us at this critical time, and we can make history on September 1.

Help us carry our momentum through the final days of this campaign by making a contribution right now.

Thank you for your incredible support,

woods signature

Anthony Woods

Candidate for United States Congress

P.S. A contribution, large or small, is what it will take to make sure we can communicate to the voters of this district. Please make a contribution, large or small, today.

P.O. Box 28 Fairfield, CA 94533.

Paid for by Anthony Woods for Congress

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