Cityhood for East Los Angeles

Dear Friends,

There is something amazing happening here in East Los Angeles. Many Cityhood volunteers are working nonstop to raise the money needed to pay for a CFA study. The CFA study will determine if East Los Angeles is viable to become a city, and it is the next step towards our Cityhood effort. East Los Angeles becoming our own City was once just an idea, now it is becoming more of a reality. In our historic drive we need your help.

Last year during the presidential elections we all witnessed how many small donations can go a long way. Please donate $10 to the effort: By reaching out to our friends, family and neighbors we can make this online donation drive a success. Your help is crucial to the effort. Thank you for your support.

Please take a look at our slideshow, which shows how far the East Los Angeles Cityhood effort has come.


Miguel Haro Jr.


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