Chale con Meg

Digital Outreach Campaign Targeting Latinos Promotes Jerry Brown for California Governor


Burbank, CA – October 14, 2010 –As part of a digital outreach campaign called Chale Con Meg, Nueva Vista Media has produced a norteño song and video to motivate Latinos to vote in the upcoming election on November 2, 2010. In collaboration with the Pleitez Group, the song and video are being promoted to key get out-the-vote organizations, and featured on Facebook and YouTube.

The “Pedro y La Meg” music video uses humor to inform Latinos about former California Governor Pete Wilson’s ties to gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, showcases working class Latinos supporting Jerry Brown and fighting back discrimination. With Latinos representing a significant portion of the vote in California, the goal for the outreach campaign is to reach many using new media resources and effectively remind Latinos of Proposition 187 and other anti-immigrant policies promoted by Republican candidates.

About Nueva Vista Media, Inc.
Nueva Vista Media develops interactive media strategies for diverse communities via Internet, mobile, and film. In the 2008 Presidential Election, Nueva Vista Media created the digital outreach campaign, Amigos de Obama and produced two viral videos, “Obama Reggaeton” and “Viva Obama!”

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