Commuting by Bike in Los Angeles: A New Year Resolution

by Saray Deiseil

(Local inspiration)

For the past few years, I’ve been commuting to work and running errands by bike, and let me tell you what an exhilarating and liberating feeling it is to have my form of transportation be a human-powered two-wheeled beauty! I know many of you are still juggling your New Year’s resolution and figuring out what will stick, so how about you make your resolution to improve your quality of life. Become more environmentally friendly, get to know your city, meet new people, exercise more and become stress free. What a wonderful all-encompassing resolution, right? You can get all that just by riding a bicycle and not only making it a recreational activity, but also a form of transportation to get from a to b in a flash.

Here are some benefits to riding a bicycle:

Pollute less

If you think about it, getting out of your car will be a true gift to yourself and our ozone, which is much needed in Los Angeles as we’re ranked #1 in unhealthy ozone pollution, #3 in year-round particle pollution and #4 in short-term particle pollution, based on reports from the State of the Air. Pretty gross right! We’re threatening our very own survival, so it’s time we think twice about our actions and the consequences they have on our health and environment. Here’s the first baby step you can take: avoid a measly 10 miles of driving every week and in return you can feel good about eliminating approximately 500 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions a year and plus you’ll reduce traffic, which is nice when you’re riding on busy streets.

Shed pounds

Shedding pounds and becoming fit is probably on almost everyone’s New Year’s resolution. So, why not make it fun to lose weight…. (read more)

Read more by visiting iNDIGO PROjECT MEDIA’s Wheelin’ and Dealin’ with Saray blog:


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