Wheelin’ and Dealin’ with Saray – Freedom Ride

Days before the remembrance and celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., members of Black kids on bikes and Treats and Beats, two LA bike groups, received a Facebook invite to the MLK Parade Ride with a stern reminder to meet at the corner of King and Normandie at 9am, with an added note “and this don’t mean we off that CP Time!” Well, I’m already pretty militant, so when you tell me 9am, I’m there at 8:30am, which means I’ll be hanging with the crickets before everyone starts to trickle in. It wasn’t too shabby though, I got to film the incoming of every one rolling in on their sweet rides, from cruisers to fixies. For the most part everyone arrived by 9am and we actually had a lot more down time before the parade started to pass around hugs and get to know each other better.

I’m on the invite list for this event because not only do I consider myself a freedom rider in my own right, but I think I officially can call myself a Black Kids on Bikes – Freedom Rider after a couple more rides. I’m on my 3rd ride, and I think once you do five you’re IN for commitment’s sake I guess, and only after a special initiation process. Kidding, there isn’t any initiation; well at least I don’t think so. Guys? Before finding BKOB, I had been reading up on other bike groups and doing some ride-hopping trying to find the right group to mesh with. I remember Jeremy Swift talking about this ride a couple of years ago. First time I met him was at the Bikestyler Customs shop, when we (iNDIGO PROjECT MEDIA) featured them on PLANET PROGRESS in our transportation topic, and I fell in love with his work, style and the way his words carried his passion.

Jeremy Swift along with Pedro Balugo and James Spooner organize Black kids on bikes every last Sunday of the month with different routes taken every time. This ride has a heart pulsating within a body of true riders. Not in it to get drunk or cause a ruckus, but for the simple pleasure of enjoying a bike-ride on a Sunday afternoon. (read more)

Check out the video from the MLK Parade and read more by visiting iNDIGO PROjECT MEDIA’s Wheelin’ and Dealin’ with Saray blog: http://indigoprojectmedia.com/news/blogs/wheelin-and-dealin/

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