Latino online community will build on Hispanic Heritage Foundation’s Workforce Development Program by increasing connectivity amongst emerging Latino leaders

WASHINGTON, DC – The Hispanic Heritage Foundation’s (HHF) Latinos On Fast Track (LOFT) Institute has begun to build an online social network for the Latino community.  During beta mode, the online social network will initially include LOFT Institute members who participate in its Leadership and Community Development Symposia and Industry Vertical Boot Camps, which it hosts for emerging Latino leaders (young professionals and students) at colleges nationwide to enhance their impact on their classrooms, communities and workplaces.   Beyond the leadership training, the online community will further enhance the turn-key presentations provided by LOFT facilitators in “train-the-trainer” sessions for all attendees, empowering them to host their own symposia in their communities, colleges or workplaces.  Additionally, high-level community and business leaders, elected officials and celebrities who already participate in the one-day symposia will be invited to join the social network to interact with our young leaders on an ongoing basis.  All attendees will benefit from extensive follow-up and continued engagement with the LOFT team and other members through the online community.

“It is important to not only identify and engage young Latino leaders but to provide them with the tools to lead America going forward, and social media is essential,” said Emanuel Pleitez, who leads the training program and is the Chair of the LOFT Institute.  “Beyond an invaluable training curriculum, we stay in touch to provide the young leaders with platforms, networks and opportunities to lead in the community and workforce.  Everyone attending LOFT trainings will be enabled to lead in their own communities.” HHF and LOFT believe everyone can be a leader; that’s why we work to give Latino youth the confidence, tools and network to make it happen.”

The LOFT Institute focuses on preparing top Latino talent for leadership roles in various U.S. industries, working to reestablish America’s workforce as a global leader through its “Industry Vertical Series.” This Industry Vertical Series includes Business & Finance, Management Consulting, Engineering, Green, Communications, Technology, Science, Healthcare, Education, Media, Retail, Public Policy, Foreign Relations, MBA prep, Law and Entertainment.  After participating in the Institute, young leaders graduate to the LOFT Workforce program, which works with Fortune 500 companies and government agencies to provide internships, fellowships, full-time placement, networking events and further mentoring.

“This is a movement,” said Antonio Tijerino, President and CEO of HHF.  “We are filling rooms across America with emerging Latino leaders who make an impact on thousands more, and those thousands on tens of thousands; we have developed a multi-level socially-conscious marketing plan that is showing results.  That is good for the Latino community and America.”

As the flagship LOFT Institute symposium, this year’s annual Leadership Summit in Washington, DC includes leadership training, a Congressional Briefing, a White House Briefing and a networking reception with other students and established influential leaders at the Inter-American Development Bank in July.  In the fall, the LOFT Institute will bring together students, young professionals, national and international leaders and celebrities for a conference as part of HHF’s 25th Annual Hispanic Heritage Awards at the Kennedy Center.

LOFT Leadership symposia and industry vertical trainings are  taking place on college campuses including: Stanford University, the University of Pennsylvania, MIT, Southern Methodist University (SMU), Harvard University, Rice University, Florida International University, University of Chicago, Northwestern University, Arizona State University, George Washington University, Georgetown University, University of Maryland, and University of Southern California (USC) among many others.

To join the LOFT Institute social network and become a LOFT Member please visit:  For further information contact Jessica Barajas at

LOFT sponsors include the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Southwest Airlines, ExxonMobil, Time Warner, UPS, CVS Workforce Initiatives, AT&T, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey & Company, Monitor, Bain & Company, Verizon, CNN, De La Rosa & Co., and NRCCUA (National Research Center for College University Admissions) among others.

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

Since 1987, the Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) has identified, prepared and positioned Latino leaders in the classroom, community and workforce through their year-round programs.  The model used by HHF for leadership funnels talented, motivated, inspirational and engaged Latino leaders from: high school, to college and grad school, to the workforce, and back into the community.  Visit for more information about HHF and for a brief video featuring the young leaders visit

Note: See below for current schedule of LOFT Institute events, more announced throughout the year.


2011 LOFT Institute Programs

April    9          Foreign Affairs Boot Camp, Washington, D.C.

April    16        Finance Boot Camp, USC, Los Angeles, CA.

April    28-29   Leadership Symposium, Fayetteville, Arkansas

April    30        STEM Boot Camp, UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA.

May     6          Leadership Symposium, U.S. S.E.C., Washington, DC

May     7          New Media Boot Camp, Chicago, IL

May     21        Leadership Symposium, CSUSB, San Bernardino, CA.

May     14        E-Commerce Boot Camp, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

May     TBD    Heath Care Boot Camp, Washington, D.C.

May     TBD    Education Boot Camp, Washington, D.C.

May     TBD    Alternative Energy Boot Camp, Stanford University, Stanford, CA.

May     TBD    Pre-Business Boot Camp, Los Angeles, CA.

June     TBD    Architecture Boot Camp, USC, Los Angeles, CA.

June     TBD    STEM Symposium, Houston, TX.

July      TBD    Leadership Summit (incl. Congressional & White House Briefing, reception at Inter-American Development Bank

Sept     TBD    Technology Seminar and Certification, Washington, DC

Sept     TBD    Hispanic Heritage Awards Leadership Summit, Washington, DC

Sept     TBD    Social Entrepreneurship Boot Camp, Brown University, Providence, RI

Sept     TBD    Leadership Symposium, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

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