Wheelin’ and Dealin’ with Saray – MY TWO NEW LOVES

We’re nearly halfway through the year and I’ve been doing a lot more riding than writing. Frankly, that was my New Year’s resolution and I hope that it also made into your regimen for life. I have been extremely excited about my evolution in cycling as those who know me I’ve been on a Cruiser for many years and I won’t ever let that baby go. I think the only bike that has been collecting dust is my electric bike, which I know I’m a neglectful mother, but I prefer my legs being the only source of power. Plus I’m missing a pedal on that bike and I haven’t made it over to the kitchen yet, but really I have no use for it right now.

I have been enjoying road bikes with a passion lately and have signed up for the century ride at Tour d’Organics in Sonoma County, which is happening this year in August. I’m super amped and immediately called my good friend, Edwin, and told him I need to train! On average I ride about 10 + miles on my cruiser around town with minimal incline on hills and not sure if you’ve ever been to Sonoma County, but there’s a lot of rolling hills. I will be honest; at first I wasn’t sure if I had the endurance and muscular strength to finish 100 miles within half a day. However, I do love challenges and we’re a couple of months away, so my confidence has not depleted. I don’t currently own a road bike I would take to the Tour d’Organics ride (saving up), so I’ve been renting and borrowing Specialized bikes and boy am I sold. Those babies are lightning fast! I instantly fell in love with the first pedal forward. Which brings me to my two new loves…

My first new love: The Road Bike!

When I’m on the road bike I feel like I’m flying and at times I think I might be able to take off into space. A little over the top I know, but I never knew one could ride so fast. I’ve committed myself to riding every weekend for at least 30 + miles on Saturday and I’m slowly implementing it into Sunday as well. It’s been going very well, not only am I flexing different muscles, taking pleasure in the outdoors but I also get to learn a lot about cycling; Edwin, my riding partner is somewhat of a bike guru. I know he might not like me saying this since he’s very modest, but to me he is. While riding with him I’m learning about the bike itself; the components, how and when to shift gears (remember I’ve only been on a cruiser), bike terminology, races and tours going on in the world and other fun cycling factoids and opinions….(read more)

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