iPM is thrilled to update you on what’s going with NATIVE, the documentary. Last year we traveled to research our subjects and focus in on the real issues affecting reservations across America. As we traveled, we realized that NATIVE can go into many directions, but there is one thing that ties everyone together, not only on sovereign land but on our planet, and that is, the environment. Our land has been exploited and contaminated for hundreds of years and the need for us to reexamine how we carry ourselves on Earth is crucial in today’s time.

NATIVE is story of four American Indian tribes fighting for their land and inspiring action for a more sustainable future. This feature length documentary follows these tribes as they heal the threats of food and water shortages, energy crisis, pollution and lack of employment. The need for a new perspective on our environmental needs is shown through their efforts to tackle hundreds of years of exploitation with indigenous wisdom.

Watch the trailer:

We plan to begin production next summer, please help us reach that goal by donating to NATIVE:

Read about our journey on Tribal Travels – Exploring Native America

Contact Saray for sponsorship opportunities and further information:

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