Cityhood for East L.A. Community Meetings 7/29, 7/30

Cityhood for East LA... Its Time
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Dear Cityhood Supporter,

As you know, East LA’s Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis (CFA) was released earlier this month. This week you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about this study from the consultants who prepared it!

Needless to say, this document is long overdue to determine the overall health of our local economy and we’re looking forward to asking some important questions.

LAFCO is sponsoring two community meetings at Esteban Torres High School: Friday, July 29th at 6:00pm and Saturday, July 30th at 10:00am. See LAFCO’s flyers: English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF).

For 38 years, our community has not known the level of services being provided to East LA, or how much money our community generates — basic information that any city budget can tell, and that we as taxpayers deserve to know.

Thanks to collecting thousands of signatures and fundraising several hundred thousand dollars to pay for the process, the board and volunteers of the East LA Residents Association — with YOUR support — have made this step possible.

Now, the CFA is in our hands. And it’s only a starting point.

It’s time to focus on preserving and improving our local economy, and the CFA is helping us start this conversation. This in-person opportunity to ask your questions is unique. Please be there!

Residents, homeowners, and businesses are ready to take charge of East LA’s future — our own future — and this marks an important milestone in our journey.

In Unity,

Benjamin Cardenas
President, East Los Angeles Residents Association (ELARA)

LAFCO’s Community Meetings July 29th and 30th to Review the Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis (CFA)

Download the PDF flyer (English | Spanish)

You can also contact LAFCO at 818-254-2454 or

East LA’s CFA

Download the full Public Review CFA, Executive Summary, and presentation


Cityhood For East Los Angeles |
6055 Gloucester St.
East Los Angeles, CA 90022
United States | Phone (323) 230-8562 | Fax (323) 230-9588

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  1. I totally agree with the all questions you raised. Cool to read such a well-considered article! I’ve found some decent tutorials on how to fill CA CDPH 0929 out online here

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