Emanuel Pleitez: I’m with Luis Lopez for AD-51!

I am proud to endorse Luis Lopez for Assembly for the 51st District.

Like Luis, I am from Eastside Los Angeles. Having lived and grown up around the good people of this area, I care deeply about our future. And I want the best representation for the families of Northeast L.A. We need an advocate in Sacramento who is from the community and shares our values.headshot
Luis doesn’t just talk about fighting for education, jobs, housing, healthcare, and equality. This fight is the story of his life. He came from little and has fought his way forward to expand job training, livable communities, and access to care for Eastside families. Luis has great education and expertise in the areas of housing and health. He has put it to work for the people of Northeast L.A.
Luis has the dedication and skills to build coalitions and bring people together to pass legislation and see it through to implementation. He has proven his leadership through effective service. He is president of the East Area Planning Commission and has led both parks funding and neighborhood councils.
Knowledge of our communities and passion for helping people through public service are key to effective leadership. These are special qualities I see in Luis.
Luis reflects the diversity of our community and is of a new generation of leaders who will shape the future of our state. Luis has built support throughout the district. With your help and mine, he will win this campaign.
Leadership matters. Send forward one of our own to be our voice in the Assembly. Please join me in supporting Luis Lopez for the 51st District, from Northeast Los Angeles.
Emanuel Pleitez
El Sereno native
Business consultant
Former Democratic candidate for Congress
Former officer of President Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board and the U.S. Department of the Treasury

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