Bill Clinton sets the stage for Obama

On Wednesday, Bill Clinton took the stage at the Democratic Convention to present Barack Obama with the Democratic Nomination for President. Just four years after Bill made questionable comments about Obama during the 2008 Democratic primaries, President Clinton made the case to America why Barack Obama deserves another four years in office.

The former President’s speech was the night’s most anticipated, and he did not fail to deliver. As one friend put it, “Bill skipped the poetry, but nailed the prose.” Clinton delivered a speech twice as long as that prepared and shared with reporters earlier in the evening. As he added lines on stage, Bill laid out all of the Obama Administration’s accomplishments. With language that was clear, crisp, and colloquial, Clinton kept score of how many jobs Obama has created versus the amount of jobs the Republican party has built over the last few years. Clinton reminded voters that Obama was the man that saved the auto industry, while Mitt Romney wanted to allow it to fail.

Bill Clinton made his case for Obama in classic Clinton fashion. Issue after issue, from healthcare to gay marriage, from education to job creation, Clinton made it very clear where President Obama and Mitt Romney differed on issues. Ultimately, the crowd here in Charlotte left energized and ready to fight for Obama and the Democratic party through November, because like Bill Clinton, they left believing Barack Obama is what this country needs over the next four years..


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