Los Angeles City Council considering implementation of New ID Program to Benefit Undocumented Immigrants

The Los Angeles City Council voted recently to consider the implementation of a multi-use library card for undocumented immigrants that reside in the City. The library card would serve as an I.D for those undocumented immigrants who have no access to a driver’s license. In addition to providing 300,000 estimated undocumented immigrants in Los Angeles with identification, the card will allow its holders to work with a vendor to open up bank accounts and use their I.D.s as debit cards on which they can deposit money, receive international and domestic money and transfers, and debit. Cardholders, however, will not be protected against deportation, and may not use the cards as a substitute for a driver’s license. While the program will not provide as many sweeping services as those in Oakland and San Francisco, it is a major step in the right direction for the hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants in Los Angeles.

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