Leadership is needed today — join me to reenergize Los Angeles

I’m writing you today, as I approach the filing deadline for my campaign, to remind you why I’m running— we need someone who will speak out on behalf of the most underrepresented and underserved in LA and take on the most difficult issues we face today without the influence of special interests. Our country needs leadership today and we cannot stand by.

Our communities are hurting. Every time I walk down the street, I see a city not realizing its potential. I see my neighbors frustrated, without any immediate opportunities. I see the homeless and unemployed ignored. I see empty storefronts and potholes that don’t get filled, and I see our children ill-equipped to achieve their dreams.

I’m running because I understand these communities. I grew up in them, and I choose to stay here to make a difference. My mother, an immigrant from Mexico who raised my sister and I by herself, never made much money but gave tirelessly of herself to fuel my dreams. So did my teachers, coaches, and mentors. I was one of the lucky ones in my neighborhood, who had people looking out for him.

That’s not the case for much of LA. There’s no other candidate who understands these communities like I do. My experiences in local government, federal government, and the private sector will all help me be the best Mayor for LA’s future. There’s no other campaign that will walk all of LA’s neighborhoods, engage LA’s most underrepresented people, or develop innovative community-based solutions to ensure our city realizes its full potential.

Join me. Donate today to help me reenergize LA.


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