LA Times on Emanuel Pleitez, Candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles, on Peaceful Protest During ABC7 Mayoral Debate

The LA Times Blog commented on the peaceful protest put on by supporters of Emanuel Pleitez, candidate running for mayor of Los Angeles.

The comments focused on the walkout during the first mayoral televised debate on ABC7, hosted by the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters and the Los Angeles League of Women Voters.

“A group of student demonstrators briefly interrupted the debate to protest the exclusion of Emanuel Pleitez, one of the mayoral candidates whose names will appear on the ballot but have not raised enough money to meet the conditions set by the sponsors for participating in the debate.

After panelist Susana Reyes asked the candidates their proudest accomplishment on the environment, about a dozen students stood and chanted: “Let Pleitez debate!”

Security officers escorted the protesters out of the theater. They were not arrested.”

In addition to students, young and seasoned professionals participated in the protest as well.

Read it on the Emanuel Pleitez for Los Angeles Mayor blog at

Read the original article at




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