Pleitez makes a strong impression at CivicCare’s debate

Below is an excerpt from a piece which was first published on the Emanuel Pleitez for Los Angeles Mayor 2013 campaign blog. You can read the full post at

“Pleitez shocked the crowd of 500 community members, receiving a warm response from the crowd, when he said, “There is a word I learned that sums up what I feel the mission of the next mayor should be: Tikkun Olam, I want to start healing the world by healing Los Angeles.”

In policy terms, Pleitez laid out his plan for healing LA by “making education a 24 hour responsibility”, setting pension reform as a top priority, and investing in communities with the highest need. Pleitez distanced himself from the other candidates by relying on his experience as a two-time Obama appointee and his campaign presence on the eastside and South LA.

Pleitez confidently challenged Perry, Greuel, and Garcetti on their records in office. “What I see are three elected officials, with 30 years of combined experience, who vote the exact same way 99% of the time and together have brought our city to the brink of bankruptcy”, he said in his closing statement.

His message of public service, equality, and change seemed to resonate among the predominantly Jewish westside audience. Pleitez’ grassroots campaign is “about giving a voice to all of LA’s communities, especially those that have been ignored by our politicians.” The statement was applauded by the congregation.”


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