Reactions from campaign’s high school internship program

Below is an excerpt from an original blog post, which first appeared on the Emanuel Pleitez for Los Angeles Mayor 2013 campaign blog. You can read the full piece at

“The #TeamPleitez interns have helped with a lot of the basic duties behind a mayoral campaign – canvassing, phone banking and general voter outreach during events. Being a grassroots movement, these are essential.

For some interns, these experiences have helped them develop better public speaking skills, and others have developed a passion for politics and social activism.

Here are some comments directly from our high school interns:

“Being in this internship is a great experience in politics and social issues. The staff is great, always helping out students with phone banking, canvassing or college applications. I love going to this internship! I’m always looking forward to coming to the office and going canvassing with the staff members!”

“I’ve enjoyed my experience! I can’t wait for this semester to start at school so that I can start going back to help out with the campaign.'”

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