Pleitez campaign, born of a dream, now a promising reality

Below is an excerpt covering the recent campaign filing  from the Emanuel Pleitez for Los Angeles Mayor campaign blog first published on January 10, 2013. You can read the full piece at

“80% of our donations came from online donors – a higher percentage than the Obama campaign. While the other campaigns go after big-money donors and Super-PAC money, our average donation was $124 from ordinary people who care about Los Angeles and are unhappy with the other candidates.

More than $160,000 of the money we have raised qualifies for the city’s matching funds program, which means that $160,000 becomes $480,000. Together with the non-matchable contributions, we will have more than $500,000 to spend on our campaign, enough for us to make a major impact.”

(Photo by Jeremy J. Mazur / MZR Photography, © 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)


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