Kevin James’ Video “Greuel’s Math Will Bankrupt Los Angeles” Distracts From Solutions

Kevin James, conservative radio personality turned Los Angeles mayoral candidate, launched a video titled ”Greuel’s Math Will Bankrupt Los Angeles.” The video attacks City Controllers Greuel’s watchdog claims. 

James’ attack video brings up some very real and important questions that challenge Wendy’s image of a waste and corruption watchdog. However, James never mentions what he, as a mayoral candidate, has to offer to the city of Los Angeles and its constituents. 

Greuel, who is backed by outside special interest group Working Californians, claims to have identified $160 million in waste during her time as City Controller. Kevin James, backed by SuperPAC Better Way L.A., contests that number and claims the city’s reports don’t line up with her campaign’s claims. 

Attack ads are a political tactic most politicians employ and thrive on, especially those backed by SuperPACs and special interest groups like James and Greuel. Yet, all these attack ads truly do is promote political rhetoric, encourage distrust of politicians amongst individuals in the community, and drive the conversation away from the candidates’ visions for the city. 

People in Los Angeles should spend their time getting informed, learning about each candidates experience and background, and make a decision based on what is best for Los Angeles. 

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Blog written by staff from the Emanuel Pleitez for Los Angeles Mayor campaign. Emanuel Pleitez is a candidate running for Mayor of Los Angeles in the March 2013 elections. A progressive Los Angeles native, he’s committed to uniting, serving, and inspiring his community. Son of Mexican and Salvadoran immigrants, and experienced in the private and public sector, he hopes to re-energize Los Angeles with a grassroots campaign the likes of which the city has never seen before.

Paid for by Emanuel Pleitez for Los Angeles Mayor 2013, 1972 E Cesar E Chavez Ave., Los Angeles CA 90033. Additional information is available at

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