New Video Gaming Innovation Fellowship by ESA and LOFT


Entertainment Software Association and Hispanic Heritage Foundation’s Leaders on Fast Track Launch a National Social Innovation effort to encourage youth of color to make an impact through video game design.

This program will identify 20 Latino(a) and African American youth (between the ages of 16-24) to address social issues through video gaming. At the core of the ESA LOFT Gaming Innovation Fellowship is the belief that using technology for social change in education, community service, civic engagement, mentoring, leadership, and creative expression is essential to the development of the minority communities. This program will also leverage the video gaming industry and HHF with effective platforms to address the White House, Congress and other educational communities and influencers.


-$1,000 innovation grant

-An all-expenses paid trip to Washington DC where each fellow will be recognized and able to present their game/apps to key investors

-Direct project coaching and mentorship from HHF and ESA gaming associates

-Employment opportunities through ESA

-The ability to meet White House Congressional Reps and the US Army Cyber Command

-Be a part of the Congressional Black Caucus and Congressional Hispanic Caucus activities

If you or someone you know is interested in the gaming industry and would like to make a social difference in their community.

Contact the 2013 ESA LOFT Gaming Innovation Fellowship program.

To apply go to:

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